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Dr. Phil is in the awful position that he has to lie to his vastly female audience on a daily basis. He’s the Jim Cramer of the relationship world. I remember having a conversation with a group of women once who asked me for “relationship advice.” Biggest mistake of their lives, perhaps… the conversation went something like this:

“Plato, we can’t seem to get and keep men. What should we do?”
“Getting and keeping are two different things. Which is more important to you?”
“Okay, do you swallow and take it up the ass?”
“You heard me.”
“Well that’s why you can’t keep the men you get.”
“But… but… but…”
*lots of babble and chatter*
“So what I’m hearing is that you aren’t opposed to swallowing and taking it up the ass, you are simply with men who don’t INSPIRE your surrender.”
“Well… um… yeah… that’s exactly right.”
“So WHY are you with men who don’t do it for you?”
*guilty sheepish looks*
“I dunno…”
“You know why!
“Because you can be in control with these men. Isn’t it ironic the exact mechanics by which your compulsion to control prevents you from keeping men – whom you don’t want anyway?”

Naturally there lives never improved because they high-tailed it to the vending machine for an ice cream sandwich.

I know I beat up on women a bit on this blog. But the problem for both genders is a hatred of the feminine or feeling aspect of themselves. Since women are more feminine than men, they suffer more. Since suffering leads to evil – and since I am of the belief that we live in a female dominated society and that the woman for all intents and purposes is functioning as a goddess, it would make more sense to study them than men.

There are tons of men (relatively speaking) who have attained something “spiritually” but not many females who have done the same. For the most part, men are far more inclined to change themselves for the better. Women are more inclined to sit around and put things into their mouths. I’ve known many a man who over a few years changed himself into something really awesome, but I could probably count the women who have done the same on one hand.

But why is this so? It is because the feminine power is far more dangerous than the masculine. Nobody wants to go up against it, or surf it – certainly not the gender with the most of it! The common perception is to only look at the beautiful aspect of feminine power – a women enjoying an endless succession of full-body orgasmic waves, for example… but there is another version of that wave which is so terrifying, that most women would gladly forgo the orgasmic pleasure if it meant that they would never have to deal with it.

On other news, my favorite seduction guru Dimitri the Lover has launched a blog!


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