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January 5th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So this is the 2nd month of training using the 5/3/1 method.  I am very impressed with it, as it really seems to be increasing my strength.  Being strong is a sign of virility, so you should be working on your strength!  Being really big is not in vogue these days, so just don’t eat to bulk up and use a method like this and get more of a Hollywood body but with strength behind it.

Women like to feel your strength when you pull them about, toss them on the bed, pin them down and fuck them hard and fast.  They like to feel your powerful back muscles and triceps while you hold them down in the missionary position.  When you finally cum super hard, they will feel like they just got inseminated by an animal.

Plus, lifting heavy like you are Branch Warren or somebody amps up your sperm production and testosterone.  Just remember to apply your will and power to stuff outside of the gym.  Most guys only “go for it” when they are in the gym, but when they are on the outside, they continue to pick the low-hanging fruit and not go for the big money or the hot girl.  It’s called training for a reason.  Don’t be the boxer who is awesome on the bag but terrible in a real fight.



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