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One of my friends has a bit of a problem because he is like 46 and has a girl who is like 21 or some shit working for him.  Having a young chick who doesn’t look like a wheelbarrow full of bricks working for you is one way of increasing semen production but it can also get you in a bit of trouble.

In his case, he is really interested in her but she wants to be “just friends” and says she sees him as a “father figure.”  Women in our mutual social circle are of course saying shit like “He is too old for her.”  This is because women HATE other women who are younger then they are and the last thing they want to see is a 46 year-old man be rewarded for not ending up some other 40-something woman’s slave for life.  46 year-old dudes who bang 21 year-olds are bad for the business of females.

But tons of guys bang chicks half their age.  Hell, I do it all the time.  It’s perfectly normal because older men are confident, have money, and can fuck like crazy contrary to popular belief.  In short, they are real men who are above female games – hopefully. Especially if they take male volume enhancers.  After years of practicing tantric techniques and being hopped-up on MoneyShot and tongkat ali, I can fuck for 6 hours straight and blast the most massive load a woman has ever seen.   But I digress…

In the case of my friend, he neglected to make a sexual move on this chick.  Instead, he opted to “tell her how he felt.”  Fucking dumb.  1 year later, instead of making a sexual move, he sits her down for a 10-minute conversation on his “feelings.”  What the fuck is that all about?

Here’s the thing: a woman responds to your warrior-heart which is what causes her heart to warm up and the heat to flow down to her pussy – allowing you to present your warrior-cock and defeat her in the bedroom.  But for most men, their mothers killed their warrior-hearts when they were young.  In my friend’s case, his mom was a cold, crazy, drunken bitch.  Since the human brain cannot accept such a lack of love, it twists up and starts to define this maltreatment as love itself.

This is why at 46 years-old, my friend seeks out a 21 year-old, dysfunctional twat to play the role of his mom.  She sees the wound inside of him, and adopts the role of his mom.  So what to do?

Healing the wound in the heart requires at least 2 years of daily work with a system like Shamanic Dearmoring, at which point your heart will start to change and you can interact with women in a healthy manner.

But how to deal with this in the meantime?  The easiest way is to circumnavigate the heart itself and force yourself to approach women on a purely sexual level.  At the very least, women will respect you for being so direct.  This approach will fail with a very large number of women due to the fact that women need to feel that “connection” before they sleep with you.  But “connection” is just a few moments where they can connect to your heart in order to see if you are fit to fuck with.  But, a decent percentage of the female population will sleep with you just based on sexual aggression.

Using this sort of approach is the fastest and easiest way to get back into balance with women as a male.



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