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Last night I used my body as a laboratory yet again.  Many years ago I used Viagra when a friend slipped me a 100mg tablet.  He said I should cut it in 2 and take 1/2, and it is a damn good thing I did.  The stuff made me sick.  I was burning hot, saw floaters, got dizzy, and the thing didn’t do all that much for me.  Personally I think the stuff is dangerous and if you are going to take Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra I believe you should take the lowest dosage you can find.

Then last week another friend was telling me that he popped a Cialis, and fucked this girl all night.  He came something like 3 times.  Not sure how healthy that is?  In general, there is a serious problem when tons of young people are popping these PDE5 inhibitors like candy.  If pressed, they will say that the first time they fuck a new chick, they need to be in top form so she doesn’t form an impression of them that he is a loser.  This is a very valid concern:  If the first time you go to fuck a woman you can’t get it up, or accomplish some other sort of epic fail, she will always view you in that light no matter how good you fuck her on future dates.  Guys know that they’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, so they pop the PDE5 inhibitors.

But PDE5 inhibitors are inherently lame.  All they do is facilitate erections by relaxing smooth muscles.  Furthermore, most impotence is the fault of the woman.  The woman’s energy and desire produces the erection in the man. Any guy suffering from “impotence” who doubts this should get his hands on an 18-year old Thai prostitute and see if he is still suffering from erectile dysfunction!

So the problem really isn’t attaining erections, the problem is usually relaxing into them without cumming.   Most techniques used to prevent premature ejaculation require PC muscle squeezes and stupid shit like that.  PC muscle squeezes are great for your health, but not to actively use to stop ejaculation – not that it isn’t possible, it’s just rather inelegant.  Stopping ejaculating without removing power from the penis or jamming up the natural flow of cum and energy can only by accomplished by paradoxically relaxing and breathing more power into the penis.  But this is really hard unless one has taken a course like Shamanic Dearmoring because to relax is the hardest thing there is when you spend your entire lifetime forging tension-producing physical armor to protect yourself from your perceptions.

Enter Dapoxetine!  Dapoxetine is an anti-depressant (SSRI specifically) that was developed to stop you from ejaculating.  For years now, men have known that if you take SSRIs, you won’t be able to cum.  Problem is that it takes a few weeks until those effects kick in, so what if there was a short-term, fast-acting SSRI?  Sounds dangerous?  It probably is, but I figured let me try it mixed with some Cialis and see what it is like.

Let me say that I am totally against SSRIs, and that long-term usage of them will fuck up your brain – perhaps permanently.  But anyway, I popped one of these fuckers with 2 pints of Hoegaarden and went out about having sex.  Let me say that Cialis is much easier on the body then Viagra.  No floaters, no hot flashes, etc.  But the heart beats harder, and one does get hotter and it doesn’t really feel very good.  Plus, the effects are kinda’ bullshit just like with Viagra.  I just don’t see the point really.  I would say that all it does is facilitate erections that would be there anyway.  Nothing magical in the slightest.

Dapoxetine, however, is quite interesting: I don’t know if it is true that you absolutely cannot cum while on it because I didn’t attempt to cum.  But I will say that there was definitely something going on in the sense of less of an urgency to shoot and a feeling like one was going to and then it suddenly disappears.  It is quite fascinating, but not sure I will give it another try any time soon because it gave me a headache and I’m really against SSRIs.  But I do want to see if I can make myself cum while on it so one day I probably will try it again in order to conclude this little “experiment.”



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