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Many years ago when I got into the study of “game,” I hooked up with Vin DiCarlo.  At the time he was teaching a brilliant system with a guy named Sebastian called “V.A.C.” which stood for:


I was always very impressed by this, because most PUAs only focus on Value and Compliance.  Which is natural, because most PUAs are low-value males.  Attainability is really a high-value problem.

Recently I have grown rather reflective of my own game, and see more-and-more how much I have neglected my own attainability by focusing too much on Value and Compliance.  It is only natural to make this mistake, because as men what really hurts is when we failed to get compliance in the past, and our egos are extra bruised by memories of  being of lesser value.  So the typical mistake is to focus so much on this sort of thing, we forget about Attainability, and our game begins to plummet in terms of results.  It makes no sense at first, because one says “I have more value and compliance then I ever did – why am I closing less and less?

The issue is not to increase ejaculate as a metaphor for attaining more masculine power.  Naturally you should always be striving for this, but it must be tempered with increases in Attainability.

Look at it this way…

Women are obsessed with control.  All humans are as it is the #1 addiction/compulsion in a human, but in women it is the worst.  So, if you inspire ANYTHING at all in a woman, they will want to control you.  If they cannot indulge this control tendency, they will eject from the interaction at some point.

Therefore, you cannot do anything that will indicate that they have no control over you PAST THE LEVEL that it creates attraction.  An example of this, is demonstrating confidence in your sexuality.  Do this too much, like telling girls you just met that you are the king of cum pills, and they will think they have no control over you and eject.  Also, they will start to feel they may lose control over themselves with respect to their own issues.

So in summary, a woman needs to control you for two reasons:

1.They want to marry you and turn you into a workhorse/tool.  You must be able to allow them to believe that they have a chance at accomplishing this end.
2.They need to keep their emotional and sexual demons at bay.  You must not make them feel psychically unsafe.

Keep this in mind as I post what that woman from Ok Cupid! wrote to me next time.



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