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December 15th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

One of my friends was complaining to me that he gets bad reactions from women on the streets of NYC and fears that he must be coming across as mean because he has a devilish beard.  I told them that my impression of him was that he conveys authority and a noteworthy sperm count, and women are hostile about that, since most women in NYC didn’t have a father, or their father was a pussy – and they resented that about him. Trouble is, when a woman has to go without father-energy long enough, she will resents it when she encounters it. I went on…

Most women spend their entire lives from little girls on up, aware that 99% of men are unaware of their real nature, and are consequently totally open to manipulation. Then, when they run into someone where they can’t run their games, they usually opt not to give up their bullshit.  Why should they trade their bullshit which has worked so well for them in exchange for the unknown?

Since there never really was a father-figure as I said above, most women never got instruction on how to be.   Like pimps are fond of saying: “A ho without instruction is headed for self destruction.”

…and most women you meet are already destroyed: what most women do is they spend their 19-29 years fucking a bunch of different guys, drinking and whoring. Then when they are about to fall into their 30s they go “oh shit I need to get married and have kids!” But it is too late to have kids and everyone knows it deep down.  It doesn’t matter if technology can keep a woman fertile into advanced age.  The magic of her youth has been given away to every asshole who swagged on by.  That “scent of a woman” is gone.

When you interact with these women, rather then realizing the only thing they have to bargain with is easy sexual fulfillment, they do the opposite and act like they have no sexual experiences in order to deceitfully pump up their sexual market value – and then dole out sexual favors in exchange for the man’s “performance” with respect to actualizing their goals.

It’s the worst fucking thing in the world, and men indulge this instead of shunning these women.  How can you sit there and let a woman feed you this shit when you know that the train of  guys who came before you when she was in her care-free 20s… well, you can bet she was sucking and swallowing them several times a day but with you she “isn’t like that anymore.”

…because men put up with this collectively, it is close to impossible to educate these women. Their sense of entitlement is insane and they refuse to compromise, listen to reason nor accept reality – which is why most of NYC’s population is SINGLE women who own DOGS.  The smaller the dog, the more insane the woman. A big dog means she is just needy.  A cat is the most promising pet for a potential girlfriend.  Much like pills for more semen shots are the best supplement for a man.



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