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January 3rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

One of the great ways to increase sperm count all the time is to be an active male who works out at the gym, pursues what one wants in business and with respect to the women he desires.  As I have written before, nothing increases sperm count like the right sort of woman.

In about 2 weeks will be the AVN and ANE shows in Las Vegas, and I am sure I will have to shoot a massive load every morning in my hotel room before I go down and see all those hot ladies running about the place.  All that flesh can get a man worked up, but what is interesting is how many of these porn stars actually inspire you to get an erection while you behold them.

That is one way to see which one of your favorite stars is actually putting out a real sexual vibe.  The ones who are just posing and preening won’t inspire any real reaction out of you, just a lot of mental fire that burns in your head long after they are outside of your visual range.  It’s best to stay in your body when dealing with these sorts of women, but when you see them the temptation is always to go up into your head because that is how you normally interact with them – on a computer screen!  Be aware!



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