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I posted a comment on Facebook a few days back which has generated hundreds of responses.  I am reposting it here for your pleasure.  Given how much trouble it has caused on Facebook, I should warn you in advance that I am not advocating the abuse of women, misogyny, male victimhood, or anything of that nature.  It’s just the finger pointing at the moon – and not the moon itself.  I’ll admit the finger is not very pleasant.  I’ll also admit this post is not targeted in the least for a female audience, the majority of whom will take great offense – quite possibly because they see themselves in my rant and/or are upset that I am giving up their game here.  So without further ado…

“Having been involved in the PUA community as well as the tantra community for over 10 years, I can say based on my experience and the experiences of the countless “successful” people I’ve studied, that what actually “works” is not to cater to love, but actually to cater to self-loathing.

See, both genders have been taught to hate themselves – or more specifically, to hate the feeling aspect of themselves. The problem is that since the feeling aspect is the feminine aspect, women end up afflicted even more than men and practically hate their entire being.

Even psychology 101 will admit that to approach a creature as self-loathing as a modern woman with love is illogical for one has to love oneself before one can appreciate love offered. It is far wiser to approach them with disrespect and abuse, for it is not only congruent with their self-image, but also what they know they deserve given what they have done to men collectively (more on that below).

Most women reading this will disagree with me. Surely they will SAY that they desire love and connection – and obviously a certain percentage are telling the truth. Not EVERYONE is sick in the head or guilty as charged. However, the vast majority will be lying, for the proof of their desires are in their actions.

The problem is, 80% of men are unaware of a woman’s real actions!

If you want to catch a glimpse of the real actions of modern women, I invite you to take out a profile on a popular dating site. Be as cool as you want to be. You’ll probably get no women writing to you except for some fat girls. After 1 month of this, change your profile pics to a non-famous male model with 6-pack abs and you will get messages all day long from attractive women wanting to suck your cock – sometimes that very night. When you look at the profiles of these same women, you will see that they all SAY that they want a relationship, and that they would NEVER write to a guy who posts pictures where he isn’t wearing a shirt, and that they have ZERO interest in guys looking for sexual encounters! So how come these same women are sending you pictures of their pussies?

Are all these women schizophrenic? Nope, they are just lying whores. Why do I call them whores? Because they aren’t going to admit that they are cock-goblins who love beautiful men, because if they did, then men would spend all their time in the gym, getting plastic surgery, etc. – INSTEAD OF SLAVING AWAY AT MAKING MONEY TO BUY THEM THINGS!!!

Women are completely content with 80% of the men actually believing that looks, muscles, etc. don’t matter as women need that 80% to work and get things done, and the 20% of men who see through the bullshit (and fit her requirements) are more than enough to come over while the 80% are at work and fulfill all the woman’s dirty, nasty fantasies. It’s why 20% of men fuck 100% of the women. Hard. It’s a perfect arrangement for the woman – she gets all her needs fulfilled with this scam, and if any man gets suspicious, she just taps his white-knight instincts by playing the victim and blaming society for “repressing her sexuality” or creating a “double standard” or some other bullshit when in fact IT IS HER THAT CREATES THE DOUBLE STANDARD, i.e. the provider and the fucker…

The whole fraud is revealed in the “common wisdom” that man suffers from a madonna/whore complex. Notice it isn’t a madonna/SLUT complex, but a madonna/WHORE complex! lol I point this out because men would have no problem with every woman running around being a slut. Hell, men don’t even have a problem with them being whores because at least they could agree on a price upfront. What men have an issue with… is whores PRETENDING to be madonnas – so that they can take the man for everything he has, and then give it to someone else behind his back for FREE.

What greater insult can a woman give a man? Oh! I know! Having a baby with the lover man and pretending it belongs to the provider man! Happens more than you’d know…

This is why so many great PUAs end up suffering from mental illness or drop out of the game entirely. It’s because almost every PUA was in the 80% up until a certain point in their life – and once they woke up from the matrix of female brainwashing things got a little weird: Sure it’s a thrill to ascend into the 20% until you realize you are really DESCENDING. Abusing women only provides so much catharsis you know! It’s better than being alone or not getting laid at all, but most PUAs genuinely wanted to love a woman and have a connection with her. But for some reason they just couldn’t make it happen with the ones they wanted. It’s why they took up the sport – not because they wanted to fuck hundreds of women, but because they wanted to make sure they wouldn’t screw it up the next time the woman of their dreams came along. But she will never come along again because she never existed in the first place. Outside of the matrix of female brainwashing there is no “woman of your dreams.”

You are just all alone, in a world where women hate themselves – and maybe they should.”


Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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