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December 12th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Man, I’m in a bit of a rut lately.  I just launched two new web projects that might really change my life but I am hemming and hawing over promoting them.  Just don’t feel like doing a damn thing.  Burned out on responsibilities and just tired of working all of the time.  It’s hard to know sometimes if one just needs to actually do nothing, or if one needs to push forward in order to overcome some sort of self-sabotaging shit.

Many people do have an issue with becoming successful because if they do, then they will have to face problems for which there is no solution.  For example, you may think making a lot of money and getting a lot of pussy will make you so happy but you could be totally wrong about that.  You will certainly be happier, or at least you won’t be suffering from a lack of those things, but you could in fact be facing bigger problems.  For example, what if you are rolling around in a Bentley fucking some model, yet you still have this restlessness or discontent inside of you?  What if you still have trouble concentrating on, or enduring, the monotony of every-day life even with such a high quality of life?  What would you do then?

Nobody has the answers at that point.

Let me plug my favorite primal therapist at this juncture, Sandy Weymouth.  Some years ago I became interested in primal therapy as an adjunct to my Reichian practice.   Sandy’s got a great website even though he does no SEO or promotion.  Then again, a brief journey via the Google AdWords Keyword Tool will reveal that nobody searches for “primal therapy” anyway.   Primal therapy is nearly extinct, thanks to filth like Woody Allen mocking it in his shitty films, and Artie Janov trying to cash in on the modality he is credited for inventing.  I spent months tracking down every primal therapist still in practice and reading every website on the subject. I did primal therapy over Skype with two therapists, and in person with Sandy at his group in NYC.  His group costs like $20 and is a steal!  Plus Sandy is the real thing.  He has no “credentials,” but he has talent and experience and gets results.  You can tell from his authentic writing on his website how awesome he is.  If you aren’t full-body sobbing within the first 3 sessions of primal therapy there is something wrong.  Sandy gets it right.

Another thing that really helps when you are “stuck” is something called Continuum Movement.  You can find instructors on their site.

Normally I do Reichian therapy and lift weights at the gym.  But sometimes you need to do things that aren’t “yang” in nature but rather “yin.”  The above two practices are gold in that department.

I also ordered a really cool book called “The Power of Sexual Surrender” by Marie N. Robinson MD.  It is out-of-print but I got it used on Amazon for under $40.   My favorite court jester, Henry Makow, mentioned it on his blog and it looks like a book as amazing as “The Manipulated Man.”  The thing about Henry is I agree with a lot of his observations and he digs up cool shit like this book, I just think (as I have blogged about before) that his conclusions about the information in his possession are the most idiotic shit ever.  Any man who has ever had amazing sex and brought a woman to an incredible orgasmic depth understands the real jellyfish nature of the human being beneath the endless layers of trauma and will devote his life to repeating said experience and/or work at bringing that experience to the masses in some way.  Of course if a man can’t satisfy a woman and is orgasmically impotent himself, he will then say shit like “sex is just for making babies and is over-rated” while ranting and raving about how awesome chastity and marriage and all of these other repressive structures are.  Henry is a sad, failure of a man – but his blog has some great information if you can ignore all of the beta-male, Christian nonsense that him and his quasi-illiterate guest bloggers dish out on a regular basis.


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