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Dimitri the Lover is the only PUA who has fame outside of the seduction community besides Mystery.  Well, it isn’t really fame – more like infamy.  He made the news again when he defended one of his proteges, some guy named “Pavel” in Canadian court (sounds like kangaroo court) because Pavel showed a picture of his penis to some chick on the Toronto subway.  I suppose Pavel’s penis wasn’t big enough, as “victim” Jocelyn claims in this article, since a recent New York Times article I referenced in a past blog post proved that looking at pictures of cocks is in fact a woman’s favorite thing.  As a matter of fact, I have a friend with a dick about a foot long, and he shows pics of it to girls on his iPhone and this tactic gets him laid all the time…

But what was so brilliant about Pavel’s action was that he showed his pic of his dick when Jocelyn informed him that he had “nothing to offer society.”  How genius is that?  Pavel should get a medal for his heroic action.  I can empathize with him because Toronto women are as useless as New York gals, and Boston broads…

For some reason Colleen Westendorf, organizer of SlutWalk Toronto, always turns up in articles about Dimitri.  I suppose she is his arch-nemesis or something… Here is what she looks like (thing on the far right):

“My body is not an insult!”  Well, actually it is – to you!  Have you ever noticed that all the girls in “SlutWalks” are girls nobody wants to fuck let alone rape?  Given that the New York Times article I mentioned above said that the OTHER thing women fantasize about endlessly besides cocks is being raped (by the right guy obviously), don’t you think SlutWalk is just an army of FemiNazis snacking on “sour grapes?”  Here is another example of two winners from one of their events:

At least the girl in this picture isn’t fat, but they both look like they have serious anemia from being vegans, and this guy would not be capable of raping a watermelon – mostly because he lacks the strength to punch a sufficiently-sized hole in one.

Once again, the women screaming the loudest about rape for the most part have no legitimate fear of actually getting raped.

Speaking of rape, what disturbs me is all these idiots thinking that Dimitri is promoting rape, defending rapists, or whatever way these idiots are expressing their thoughts.  Dimitri’s website is actually a joke of sorts that is meant to wake guys up to the fact that they are pussies, and that this fact is destroying male-female dynamics.   A good example of this is the latest Bachelorette:

Here is a woman who is relatively beautiful on the outside, but on the inside is an empty room in a mental hospital.  She is also a single mom who is traumatized by the death of her husband.  Yet the show would have you believe that all these guys would line up to “be her man.”  Of course today’s “men” would in fact degrade themselves in such a manner, when the only thing this woman is good for is for a couple nights as a masturbation doll – given the internet was down.

Watching this show makes me cringe and squirm.  None of these bachelors are men.  As a matter of fact, if you want to learn what not to do, watch this show.

However, last night Emily in her SSRI-addled state sent one of these losers home because he never made a move.  Bravo Emily!  Here is another medicine-filled Jell-O cup and a box of crayons as reward!  Show the group what your dream man should look like!

Seriously, you see all these guys and none of them ever kino her – the loser she sent home actually APOLOGIZED for his knee touching hers when they were sitting in a window!  When they kiss her it is like they are kissing a fish.  Where is the passion?  The tongue?  How about running a hand down her pants and fingering her asshole while pinning her up against one of those old stone walls that define Prague?

This is why the world needs someone like Dimitri to be a little ridiculous and over-the-top, in order to drag men back into their power.  The very fact that Dimitri is using such crude animations and says all this inflammatory stuff should be a big CLUE that the whole site is trying to wake men up, and not actually advocating real rape or sexual assault.


Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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  • Wow. You are a real class act buddy. Your parents must be so proud. Seriously! I have a total inability to score with women and it’s because my parents hate me. Maybe it’s my personality and looks combined because I totally suck. But I would say it’s my lack of respect for women in general. I desperately need your sexual stimulants because I have a little life.

    (Note: comment has been liberally edited for entertainment purposes as the original comment was so lame and boring.)

    June 26th, 2012 comment by K

  • This has got to be the most amazing stuff I’ve ever read other than Dmitri the Rapist’s website. I am a sad shell of a human being, with no understanding of what truly makes a man, and tired of operating on a patische of Spike TV, AXE Bodyspray and beer commercial cliches. I am afraid that I am the worst kind of human garbage and I hope all the bad things in life happen to me and only me. I wish I sold dick pills on the internet, I fear I am a joke.

    (Note: comment has been liberally edited for entertainment purposes as the original comment was so lame and boring.)

    June 26th, 2012 comment by MK

  • Thanks for your comment MK!

    June 26th, 2012 comment by Plato Powers

  • Thanks for your comment K!

    June 26th, 2012 comment by Plato Powers

  • My “day job”, as it were, is as a model. I put “day job” in quotations because I am not in Victoria’s Secret and you’ve basically never heard of me. I’m actually a “plus size” model who earns a living doing campaigns, commercials, and working in fashion. I’m generally perceived to be attractive, and I phrase it this way because I don’t actually believe it. Its why I walk in Slutwalk! Like I said I am also a huge supporter of the Slutwalk, and have been to multiple ones to lend my support. According to you, that makes me unattractive, which would be a surprise to my clients – right? Right? You sell a poorly reviewed male supplement on the Internet, because I read the “fake reviews” of your competition and totally believe they are real (just like I believe feminism is real) and even though your face is all over your product and you stand behind it, I still want to say that you “hide behind a veil of words which makes you sound like a rapist.” I also think you should grow up, take a look around you, and stop being an utter jerkoff. Shit like this is why the Slutwalk needs to happen!

    (Note: comment has been liberally edited for entertainment purposes as the original comment was so lame and boring – plus her grammar was atrocious.)

    June 26th, 2012 comment by B

  • Thanks for the comment B!

    June 26th, 2012 comment by Plato Powers

  • Note to Slutwalkers and other trolls: if you are going to post a comment, please post something intelligent and cutting as opposed to a generic barrage of insults, personal attacks, etc. I took the time to write an intelligent blog post, and I expect intelligence on your side as a prerequisite for being mean. Otherwise, I will liberally edit your comments for entertainment purposes so my readership doesn’t fall asleep!

    June 26th, 2012 comment by Plato Powers

  • Girls always ask where nice guys are, they made them their “friends” women like a man to be a man and not be a push over Pussy. Dimitris teachings do work I know first hand. I never took his classes but I had girl problems and the little bit I learned off his website (no I didn’t rape anyone) changed my life for the better Thank You Dimitri

    July 3rd, 2012 comment by @ThePSRosenberg

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