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No joke, it is one thing to have a stronger sex drive, but when you are shooting massive loads you need to be careful not to get any women pregnant.  Unless you want babies of course.  Many men have bought my product to make babies and have been successful at it.  As I discussed in earlier posts, I am not worried about STDs, just pregnancies.  A baby can be the ultimate STD.  The amount of grief it can cause you… unless that is what you want.  Some old timer at the gym today was telling me about how wrong I am not to want kids.  But I think he’s crazy.  The planet is over-populated as it is.

So I managed to get my hands on Esther Villar’s follow-up book to her 1971 classic “The Manipulated Man.”  It was written in German and published in 1976 and it is called “The Polygamous Sex.”  Good luck getting a copy.  Used copies are available on amazon for almost $200.  But the book is worth every buck.  I found out she published a 3rd book which makes her magnum opus a trilogy, but it was never translated from the German.  Maybe I should pay someone to translate it for me?

The theme of “The Polygamous Sex” is basically that women present themselves as children in order to invoke the man’s desire to protect and nurture them.  Unfortunately, by appealing to this instinct as opposed to a man’s sexual ones, the man ends up feeling like he’s fucking a child.  So the madonna-whore complex so often referenced in society is actually the woman’s fault according to Villar.  So what does the man do?  He needs to seek out a woman on the side for sexual satisfaction.  But she ends up gunning to shift herself into the child-like role ultimately in order to get taken care of as well, which makes the man go look for still another woman to screw.  It goes on-and-on.

It is hard to explain this book or do it justice, but it is the ONLY book and she is the ONLY person who has ever satisfactorily explained what goes on for a man – and it was written by a woman!  Unreal.  If you are a man and you want to understand what REALLY goes on between men and women, you MUST read her books.  Fuck PUAs and game-theory, Esther Villar knows more about seduction then any PUA.  She gets to the true core of what women really want and what the real dynamics are.

For example, why is it that you may be an amazing guy yet many women will want nothing to do with you?  PUAs talk about “attainability” to answer this question, but it is far deeper.  Esther addresses this better then anyone I have ever read.  She points out that it is absolutely critical that lovers be mental equals so that they can validate each other’s existential angst.  I really can’t do the depth of this brief book justice.  You just have to read it.  It will answer things you never would be able to answer on your own or anywhere else – and improve your game in the process.





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