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I made this expression up, and used to have it on my original MoneyShot t-shirts.   There is a lot of truth to this saying.  Some smart-ass will of course say, “Well, do women in porn who swallow love the male actors whose cum they swallow?”  People who put forth a question like this really miss the whole point despite their high IQs…

Of all the enhancers a man can take to improve his sex life, it’s a woman who swallows.  I know that the common person who reads this blog post, will venture that I am a misogynist with serious issues with women.  But in truth, I find those who think so – to be closet misandrists!

Yup, that’s a word you almost never hear: Misandry!  You won’t hear it because the truth is that we live in a misandristic world and NOT a misogynistic one.  Just like men are actually in fact, gentle and intelligent.  Most of society today hates men, and you need no further proof then to realize that most women look at men’s sexual fluids as something to be spat into a toilet, and flushed away – when in fact, a man’s sexual fluids (as well as a woman’s) have magickal powers.

Do you ever wonder the effect on a man, if day-after-day, his woman runs to the bathroom after a blowjob to spit his cum into the toilet?  Does it not send a message to the man’s subconscious that his very essence – the best of himself, and his very DNA, is shit?

Think about that for a moment… instead of ingesting the man’s seed to give birth to his dreams she plants his seed into a fucking sewer!  As I have said before, a woman should make you feel like a god when you are with her.  She needs to be working on several levels in order to do this.  Lot of guys, they start dating some woman, get into a relationship with her, and then wonder why one day their self-esteem is destroyed.  Why shit doesn’t work out for them anymore in their lives.  It all comes back to the question you need to ask yourself about any woman you are thinking about getting involved with, which is: “Does she make me feel like a god?”

What about women who won’t even let you cum in their mouth?  How offensive is that?

Then there are tons of women out there who won’t suck cock.  Can you imagine?  Many women have no problem getting on all fours like a dog, and taking it up the ass until their asshole looks like a starfish with special needs – but god forbid they have to get on their knees and worship the cock.

One of my friends complained to me last night that the last 3 girls he picked up and had sex with – on multiple occasions, absolutely refused to suck his cock.  They let him fuck them without condoms in their pussies and assholes, but refused to suck his dick.  What’s up with that?

Misandry, that’s what’s up!

So maybe a more accurate statement is:

“If she doesn’t swallow, she probably hates you!”



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