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February 24th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I like to listen to Michael Savage on the radio.  I don’t care about his politics, but I do care to listen to his thoughts on life and to listen to stories of his life.  He probably wouldn’t approve of my semen volume empire anyway – even though he was in the supplement business at one time and his son owns Rockstar energy drinks.  Savage is a great man, even though he is rather miserable.  He’s from New York City as am I, and he’s too smart for his own good.  It’s hard to be anything but melancholy with such a background.  Plus, for Dr. Savage his great success came too late.  Sometimes when something comes too late, one can never recover from the long periods of deprivation.  It’s like feeding a starving person and they just die from the sudden nutritional shock. 

Anyway, today on the show Savage talked about how you always see a hot woman flanked by two ugly ones and some caller suggested that the hot girl uses the ugly girls to make herself look better. The truth is that the hot girl cannot hang out with another hot girl because the two will compete against one another. She has no choice but to hang out with ugly girls, who will benefit by snapping up the betas who bounce off the hot girl the same way guys hanging around outside a male strip club can snap up the women who are exiting the club in heat.



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