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One of the things I love to do when I am not working my ass off trying to find better-and-better methods to boost my virility, is to watch TV shows.  Now I don’t actually watch TV, I access all my shows on the web.  Let’s face it, 90% of TV is utter shit.  But, there are certain shows that rule.  If I had to list my favorite shows in the order in which I love them…

1.Farscape – The greatest show ever made. Taken of the air because it revealed too much about the universe.  Especially the truth about the relationship between reptilians and humanity.  The truth was slightly concealed, but those who have read the works of Dan Winter it will get it.  Once they got into that subject, the show was cancelled despite being the most popular show in the history of the SyFy channel (it was spelled differently at the time).

2.Doctor Who 2005 – No show generates such pure rushes of sublime emotional beauty in your heart.  A masterpiece of science fiction writing.

3.Torchwood – Doctor Who for adults.  Very dark themes are explored in this show.

4.Rome – Shame this only lasted 2 seasons.  I have never seen such amazing character development in a show.  An absolutely incredible story.

5.Battlestar – A masterpiece of a show that deals with the Buddhist theme: “What does one do about the karma of violence?”  If anyone could answer this question, nobody would be able to say: “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.” any more.

Those are my top 5 shows of all time.  What else am I watching right now?  Since masterpieces don’t come along very often, I am forced to make do with lesser shows.  Problem is, there aren’t many of those either.  So here they are…

1.The Walking Dead – Season 2 premieres tonight.  I am the BIGGEST zombie film nut of all time, and this TV show is like a zombie film that never ends.

2.Spartacus – Everybody loves manly guys who are training hard to kill each other in an arena when they aren’t fucking every gorgeous girl in sight.  The show keeps me inspired to work out at the gym.

3.Game of Thrones – Great show.  Holds lots of promise.

4.Sanctuary – This show gets a little cornball and cheap at times, but still delivers.  Great concept, not always the greatest effort put into it.  I suspect it is due to a small budget.

5.The Sarah Jane Adventures – Doctor Who for children.  Like Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures is part of the Doctor Who universe.  I gave up watching it recently so I have some catching up to do.

What else do I like to watch?  I like to go on youtube and watch videos of people playing drums.  I stopped playing years ago.  I was very ambitious about it at one time.  I have tons of passion for the drums, I hit very hard and have a great sound and a love for odd time signatures.  Sadly, I lack the natural talent that many of these youtube players have.  Given the competition I was up against and the fact that even working drummers at the top of their game often get paid very little money, I retired.  When I watch these cats on youtube, I am so happy and also so sad at the same time.  But if you don’t have what it takes it doesn’t matter how much you love something.

Not that I want to be negative.  At the end of the day, it’s about creating something and not copying it.  Youtube is filled with drummers who can perfectly copy a song such as “Lateralus” by Tool, but almost none of them can actually WRITE a song like that.  If you have 1/2 the chops and skill of other drummers but can write amazing music and play with feeling you can still make it.  Just look at Tommy Lee or Keith Moon.  These guys had horrible chops – Tommy can’t solo (neither can I) and Keith didn’t know how to use his hi-hat.  Yet they are 2 of the greatest rock drummers of all time!

But this sort of success is also extremely hard because you need the right sort of band, which is like getting 3 perfect girlfriends and having a long-term relationship with all of them at once.  So when faced with the reality that I wasn’t good enough to be a hired gun, and not being able to hold together the bands that I assembled, I opted for greener pastures.  So here is a video of a girl drummer that I adore.  She plays with such feminine energy and pure joy.  What a pleasure to watch her play!  I wish her all the success in the world!



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