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If you are on this site, it’s because you want to know how to increase semen.  But, I know how to do lots of other things to improve the quality of your life…

Yesterday I wrote a bit about Buddhism.  To continue for a moment on that theme, I think that the best way to understand how life works is to read the book “Wheel of Sharp Weapons.”   Nobody may like what they read, and it may seem simplistic, but that’s the way it is.

You know, one thing I’ve discovered is that everything in life is simple once you know the right method, and then the hard part is having what it takes to actually DO IT.  What it takes is inner strength, persistence, and patient endurance in most cases. How does one develop those?  Again, by DOING SO.

Here are some examples:

Getting Rich
Make as much money as you can while spending as little as you can. The more important of the two is frugality.  Most people, once they start making more money, spend more as well.  So they never get anywhere.  Easy to grasp, yet hard to implement!  The sticking point is always not being able to stop spending, much the way fat people cannot stop eating.  PT Barnum wrote a wonderful book on this that is in the public domain and re-printed on websites.

Staying Thin
Eat less calories then you need. As long as you eat less calories then you need, it won’t matter what you eat (in terms of fat loss only, nutrition is another topic).  The sticking point here is people can’t stop eating to excess.  They eat too much for the same reasons they spend too much money.

Getting Muscular
Lift heavy weights with great intensity and focus.  Then rest for 7-10 days while the growth takes place.   The sticking point here is the long periods of rest.  People are addicted to working out and the feeling of the “pump” for the same reasons they over-eat and over-spend.

Fucking Lots Of Women
Learn a system of seduction and approach as many women as you can. Any system will work if you approach as many women as you can.   The big sticking point here is that men abhor the feeling of rejection and disappointment as much as women do, and consequently never approach.

Changing Your Fortune
Do as much good and as little bad. See “Wheel Of Sharp Weapons” for more on this… Often times in life, it isn’t WHAT to do, it is what NOT to do.  The sticking points here are two-fold, like a double-edged sword.

…And One For The Girls  -  Getting The Man Of Your Dreams 
#1 rule is DON’T BE FAT.  Next, most women are not beautiful and require plastic surgery.   A nose job and breast implants are usually enough for most women.  If you still aren’t beautiful after surgery, you’ll need to focus even more then usual on becoming a sex kitten so as to increase ejaculate in men which will make them desire you over other women.  #1 tip – swallow with a smile!  Sticking point?  Women like to deal with reality even less then men!



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