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February 7th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Nothing says libido enhancement like a sick ride! I always admired the Acura NSX back in the day. Even today, this car is timeless like the DeLorean. Not many cars are in that category. The car has to sport the unique combination of being both common and innovative, and subsequently removed from the market because it is too good. The DeLorean was made from stainless steel and required no paint or anything. Even today 30 years later, the DeLorean looks the same as it did when it rolled out of the dealership.

The Acura NSX was the first supercar (for its’ time) that boasted daily drivability because of the Acura quality. You still see the Acura NSX on the road today driving with 250,000 miles on it. I mean, imagine if the Japanese went back to making supercars like the RX-7 and the Supra? The new RX-7 is a joke-and-a-half, and Toyota hasn’t done shit since the Supra. But Honda’s high-end division (Acura) has announced it is bringing back the NSX within 3 years and you know that shit is going to crush everything else out there. Like something out of a Japanese anime. A VTEC v-8 or some crazy shit probably.

It’s about time, because the Nissan Skyline is the only thing Japan has produced lately that has any muscle.


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