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Men like to increase sperm production because it increases their confidence.  Why?  Because the bottom-line biological imperative is to take a woman and impregnate her.  In the same way, women want to be taken and impregnated.  Consciously, we all know this often spells disaster such as child support and the like, but unconsciously it is where we are headed.  So when you increase sperm to the point that your balls are overflowing, you are sending out a message that you are ready to breed.  Women respond to it likewise.

But on another note, we all know how biased women are towards tall men.  It’s so bad, that you run into 5’4″ women all the time who will only date men over 6′ which seems a little absurd.  The most common answer a woman will give for this is: “I need someone to look up to.”  That may very well be true, but a 5’4″ woman can look up to a 5’9″ man no problem.  So much for getting a straight answer from women?

Another explanation is that the woman is attracted to men who dominate over other men since she is looking out for her best chances for survival. While height does influence social dominance and would supercede modern equalizers like martial arts and handguns and money because it is triggering the more primitive reptilian brain, I always suspected that there was more to it.

Last night I was talking with a former lover and she said something very unique.  She said that it isn’t the height that is the issue – so much as height gives a man long arms, and long arms are required to make her feel like she is enveloped by the man… much like a large penis and a massive load makes her feel filled up.

What can we learn from this?  If you don’t have long arms, date skinny women you can wrap your arms around easily.  Give more hugs, and apply some non-painful body-locks while mock wrestling her.



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