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January 12th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I went to the kitchen to get some male enhancement pills and I turned on the television for a few moments.  I hardly watch television because it’s mostly crap, but my monster LED TV is like a fireplace of sorts… you could say that TV is the hearth of the modern home.

The show “How I Met Your Mother” came on which is a good concept and all, except for the fact they cast Doogie Howser as a male PUA.  First of all, Neil Patrick Harris is gay in real life and his gayness is not concealable.  So when he acts in HIMYM, I see a gay dude talking about chicks and my brain goes into a bit of confusion.

But it goes much further then that, because his gayness also makes him not resonate with the other characters, who are all totally believable as a social circle.  But then you have this creepy, gay “Barney” character that totally doesn’t fit in on any level.

Yet surprisingly, the show is a hit – no doubt due to their incredible writers.  Writers make-or-break every show at their.  Steven Colbert used to suck until he changed his writers.  How do I know?  Because the show started to be funny.  You can hear the writing when he speaks.  He’s massively talented on his own, but even a great talent often needs writers.



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