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June 20th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I am probably not the only person who has noticed that so many PUAs are running homo-game, and that this coincides with sitcom characters who play PUAs, who are also outright homos.  What follows are two prime examples:

“Barney Stinson” from “How I Met Your Mother” played by Neil Patrick Harris…


Can anyone actually suspend reality for 30 minutes once a week in order to ignore the fact that “Barney Stinson” is one creepy gay dude with a massive forehead who wouldn’t be picking up anything other then an antibiotic-resistant strain of staph in some San Francisco bathhouse?

David Spade from “Rules of Engagement…”

While “How I Met Your Mother” is an awesome show despite the implausability of “Barney Stinson,” the show “Rules of Engagement” is so awful I am shocked it is still on the air.  David Spade may not be a real-life, bona-fide homosexual like Neil Patrick Harris, but I would bet money he sucked some serious cocks to get “Rules of Engagement” sucked up (pun intended) by the networks.

David Spade is utterly unbelievable as a womanizer no matter how much the network stylist tries to turn him into Don Johnson’s midget brother.  His portrayal of a seducer is just painful to watch.  I don’t want to beat on him too much because I feel sorry for him, although I probably shouldn’t as he must make a million times more money then I do. LOL

But despite how unbelievable these two cock-goblins are as PUAs, we have to ask ourselves why the seduction style of metrosexuals (faggots) like Mehow, Style, etc. are so popular with the HBs.

The reason is quite simple, women aren’t intimidated by homos, and are used to hanging around them in order to get masculine energy into their psychic spheres without having to pay for it with sex with a real man, and an ultimate confrontation with their “issues.”

To come back to sitcoms, the only real man taking down chicks left-and-right is Charlie Sheen.  He’s got a new sitcom coming out, which I am sure will be #1 in no time.  Charlie’s formula for getting endless pussy works in real life, unlike the formulas presented by Neal and Spade.  Charlies’ formula looks like this:

1.Make enough money to afford all the drugs you want, then let the whole damn world know you “like to party.”

2.This attracts an endless array of super-hot chicks, whores and strippers who gladly give up their ass for free lines of coke.

3.Act like a total crazy asshole to emulate the fathers of these women.

4.At least half of them will want to marry you so they can relive their childhood traumas.  As soon as they marry you, beat them up, cheat on them, etc.

5.Get divorced so the next dumb bitch can climb on board.

6.Rinse and repeat until you overdose, your dick falls off, you crash your car or end up in jail.

Here’s to you Charlie, showing us all how it’s done!



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