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It’s Friday and I feel awesome because last night I shot the biggest load.  So much cum! So here is one of my favorite Kool Keith tracks that I like to play before I go to a strip club to seduce strippers:

It’s such a fantastic track.  Hip hop nowadays is sort of a mess.  There are still INCREDIBLE artists but they are all on the underground scene.  The best decade for mainstream hip hop artists was the 1990s.  Those were the golden years.  They aren’t “old school” as that title is reserved only for artists from the 1980s.  I always chuckle when young bucks are calling the 90s “old school.”  But I can forgive them because they mean well and are trying to honor the music.

I need to create a playlist one of these days with my favorite tracks ripped from youtube so I don’t have to listen to that god-awful shit they blast when I am at the gym.  I wish there was a gym in NYC like Metroflex in Texas.

Anyway…  yesterday we were talking about handguns so let me talk a bit about submachine guns since rappers are always rapping about MAC 10s and Tec-9s… Submachine guns are stupid.  Everybody loves them because they are small and spray bullets but what is the point of a gun that empties out a 32-round magazine in 1.2 seconds?  Does it have ANY tactical value?  Of course not.

I believe the Mac 10 was originally made with the intent for it to be an assassination weapon where you fire it sideways and move it up-and-down while the recoil handles the left-and-right.  This enables you to empty an extended magazine filled with .45 caliber slugs into a small group quickly.

When it comes to full-auto weapons with high cycle rates, you MUST have a drum magazine of some sort.  It doesn’t matter the size of the weapon, it needs a drum.  Look at the classic “Tommy Gun.”  Now THAT made sense.  Although it is very heavy when fully loaded with the biggest drum.  But you can always get an assault rifle with a drum.  For example, the ultra-reliable HK 416 if you are into 5.56 or the time-honored Kalashnikov (originally a German design as well) if you are into 7.62 as your caliber of choice.  Once again, reliability in a weapon is the most critical factor.  The addition of a 100-round drum to an ultra-reliable assault rifle instantly converts it into a light machine gun.  Talk about better erections!

But for combat purposes nothing can touch a shotgun.  Especially given the wide-range of specialized loads it can fire.  Again, unless you can get your hands on one of these:

Your best bet is a pump shotgun due to the inherent reliability of one.  You can shoot the pump as fast as an automatic with a bit of practice, so don’t worry.  Remington and Mossberg are your top choices followed by Benelli.  A standard 12 gauge magnum round is like a miniature claymore anti-personal mine in-and-of- itself, yet there are other nasty loads like strung-buck which causes horrendous channel wounds while simultaneously delivering big stopping power.  If your opponent is wearing body armor, or if you wish to hunt large game, there is a specialized slug for each situation.  The shotgun is truly the cheapest, most easily obtainable and most devastating firearm you can get your hands on.



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