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Today I came across this post on Henry Makow’s site.  Why do I beat on this guy so much?   Because the last thing we need on this planet is to go backwards, and people like Henry should be mocked and scorned as the fools they are.   Let’s take a look at what he writes…

“For a man, I think women and sex are usually a major diversion and impediment to realizing his real goals, ultimately serving God, the principle of his self-development.”

My mother fell ill with alzheimer’s several years ago.  She was a very religious women (although she never talked about it or pushed her childish beliefs on anyone), so how could her “God” do something like this to her?  If a human father would do anything to save his child from such a fate, how the fuck could a “heavenly father” with infinite power allow his human daughter to suffer so?   Religious folk will say stupid shit like, “God is testing your faith.”  Ironically, if this were in fact true, it would only prove that “God” is an even bigger asshole then previously thought.

So there is no God Henry.  Just your dumb, old ass…  looking back on your utter failure with women and learning nothing from it.

“If not for sex, would men and women even associate?”

Probably not Henry.

“If I were 21 again and single, I would not let primitive reproductive instincts dominate my life. Frankly, I would use masturbation to neutralize sexual desire and the power women had over me.”

Masturbation can never neutralize sexual desire because the root of sexual desire doesn’t come from your hormones – it comes from your mind.  Many men have attempted what Henry suggests (always the ones who couldn’t get laid anyway) and they have always been driven mad.   Men need to relate to women sexually for reasons far deeper then simply “going to the bathroom” in the depths of their pussies, mouthes and assholes…  However, as the true nature of sexual desire is very complex, I cannot expound on it in this blog post.

“Conversely, in my do-over, I would try to connect with women on a profounder level.”

Didn’t you say, “If not for sex, would men and women even associate?”   Ironically, connecting with women on a profound level can only be done via sex. The catch is, you have to be good at sex!

“Confining sex to courtship and marriage used to do this. If a man and woman wanted to sleep together, they would have to be together first.”

Like I said in the beginning, the last thing we need on this planet is to go backwards.  Marriage, like religion, has been the cause of endless misery.  This is because both of these “constructs” have placed humanity’s sexuality into “confinement” and ultimately given birth to the pornography-filled Internet that Henry and his band of betas are always whining about.

“I do not accept the Illuminati shibboleths that a man needs (to satisfy) a woman to become a man. Becoming a man has nothing to do with sex. Masculinity involves power and moral courage (being effective, achieving goals,) not sex.”

Really?  Nothing to do with sex?  How long will your relationship last if you can’t satisfy your woman sexually?  Hell, maybe it will last forever – while you are out “being effective” your wife will be out getting her walls pounded down by some stud.

“…in a “do-over,” I would downgrade sex in my attitude to women. I suspect my relationships would have improved immensely.”

No, you’d still be a total loser with women, ordering mail-order brides from the Philippines, only to end up divorced in the end.


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