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February 24th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Holy shit! Check out this article I found today!  I saw a surgery like this 10 years ago, but it was performed on children and super-grisly.  This operation is still rather grisly and painful, but the technology is amazing.  Growing 6 inches? Wow!

No doubt this sort of news will make some of you ejaculate onto yourselves in delight.  As I am already 6’2″ it isn’t of much interest to me.  I believe this whole procedure was invented in Japan, and Japan – like most Asian cultures, it hyper-competitive.  I remember meeting some Asians from Hong Kong once, and they were relatively tall for southern Chinese, yet their hands and feet were rather child-like.  When I inquired via a 3rd-party, I was informed that the parents have them regular HGH injections when they were growing up – the kind of HGH that is used to lengthen bone.  They did this specifically to make them taller, and as that sort of HGH only effects the long bones…

No doubt height has more to do with your success with women then does ejaculation volume, but getting your bones lengthened is quite some length (pun intended) to go through.  Then again, I got braces for a second time at an advanced age so I totally empathize with guys who do this.  However, I don’t think being taller really gives you that much of an advantage on the dating market unless you are really, really short.



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