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March 14th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Today was so nice that I went outside and walked around lower Manhattan and Soho for hours and worked from my laptop.  It’s really fun when you sit outside on benches and just read ebooks and such on your lappy.  There are always opportunities to meet new people in this manner – as opposed to sitting around at home at my monster workstation.  Beautiful weather, being the male enhancement situation that it is, also brings out the females who came out in droves gawking and spying.  I saw one young woman down in the financial district with a perfect ass, and a much older woman who sported the most perfect legs.  They were the legs of a 19 year old, yet she was a far cry from 19.  As you can guess (I probably told you in a past post) I am a legs and ass man and don’t care much about a woman’s tits.

After that I met a good friend of mine in Soho, and then for the first time I got lamb over rice at one of those Halal food carts.  I never got food at one of those carts before for some odd reason, and I most certainly will do so again.  The food was delicious and it only cost $5!  Can you believe it?  Lamb is the best meat to eat if you want to shoot massive loads.



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