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I was going to put up an image of the great book “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World” by Jack Weatherford, but as nobody likes to read these days, I put the audio version of the book instead since they read the entire damn book to you. You just place it on you iPod or equivalent and there you go!

Ghenghis Khan is the greatest leader the world has ever known. One of the things that made him great is he decided that having elite “bloodlines” ruling the world was a bad idea and so he went on a campaign of destroying them. He was the ultimate revolutionary. I speculate that the black plague – which finished off his empire was created as an early form of viral warfare by vengeful Chinese in the south. This is where the black plague originated from, and traveled along with the rats on the very roads built by the Mongols. If it weren’t for the black plague, we would all be Mongols, and better off for it!

So the same gods who allowed Ghenghis to rise also cut him down when the time came. Hard to understand their motivation, really…

But one of my friends came up with something called “Ghenghis Khan Theory” and it goes like this…

When wide-scale campaigns on conquest were under way over the course of history, women were raped on a regular basis. Not just raped and abandoned, but taken as property by the conquerors. Those who resisted, were killed. So only submissive women survived. Over time, the trauma of their ordeal, combined with their inherent submissiveness, produced a legion of females who enjoy domination of all sorts.

Certain blogs have lectured at length on the need for a woman to submit to a man and that her sexual arousal is dependent on her being dominated. They will argue that this is genetically hard-wired, but I would suggest that such traits have been genetically selected. In truth, I am not sure what is the truth here, but Ghenghis Khan Theory is most interesting indeed!

I mean, if you look at Aboriginal cultures and such, you don’t see this trend to “take” women. You don’t see women dominating over men either.



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