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I have always been a proponent of eugenics.  Eugenics got a bad rap because the Nazis talked about it a lot, but the Nazis got it from the Americans prior to WW2.  Nonetheless, I am in favor of combining genetic engineering with selective breeding practices with respect to humans just like we do for animals.  We don’t just try to improve semen quality of the animals!  The amount of human suffering that could be ended is enormous.

These days we live in a politically correct world that shouts “diversity is strength.”   To disagree is considered “racist.”  But I am not talking about ending diversity with respect to race and culture – like using genetic engineering and conscious breeding to make everybody one race or some stupid shit like that.  Furthermore, from a species-survival standpoint, it is true that “diversity is strength” with respect to having access to a large selection of QUALITY genetic material.  The problem on this planet is that there is not much quality left.

This what needs to change!

I am talking about using eugenics to produce a world of beautiful, highly-intelligent people with powerful bodies who are free from disease.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?   Lots of people talk about the dream of a world free from disease, but can you imagine a world where everyone is beautiful?

Don’t tell me that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” because you know it is bullshit.  Billions of dollars spent on makeup, plastic surgery, and products advertised by beautiful people is proof to the contrary. Wars in ancient times weren’t fought over ugly women.

It is our duty to make everyone beautiful in this world by any means necessary.  It would end shallowness forever and increase spiritual progress on the planet.  How and why?  Well, if everyone was beautiful, then everyone would be forced to pick partners based on what they were on the inside.  Isn’t this obvious?  Also, with everyone on the outside beautiful, all that energy would turn inwards to drive people to become beautiful on the inside.

Sex would also change, as much sexual addiction is simply an unfulfilled hunger for beauty, which combines with the inherent emptiness of  most beautiful physical forms on this planet.  It’s why you have huge ejaculations when you are with a beautiful woman.  Because your genes recognize her superior genetic material and want to combine with hers.  It’s a primitive form of eugenics.  Why not take it to the next level?

We don’t because of spite.  Like, I used to work with this guy who was short, fat and drunk.  He wasn’t very intelligent either.  So what does he do?  He finds another squatty, unattractive woman to make babies with.  What the fuck is that all about?  These two idiot parents have sentenced their child to a lifetime of misery.  They didn’t make a baby out of love, they did it out of spite.  The fact that they reproduced their crappy forms validates on a certain level their validity as human being.  On that level they say “Hey, we reproduced so we are okay.  No where’s my whiskey?  The game is on!”

It is another facet of this same spite, that makes the present generation DENY future generations the freedom from suffering that could be given to them via eugenics.  It’s like a father who had a hard life jealous that his son will have it easier.  Fucked up.




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