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April 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I just remembered that Game of Thrones is back for season 2 and watched the first episode and will watch the second after I update this blog.  What a great show!    What’s amazing to me is how people never rise up and kill tyrants like King Geoffrey or his mother.  I guess they are short on natural male enhancement or something like that?

I’ve been a little down lately, because game in NYC gets shittier and shittier.  I went out the other night and while there were quite a few attractive women out there, most of them are just such shitty people.

What a lot of women do, is when a guy is really awesome (such as me! lol), is that they will attempt to hurt the guy and steal his mojo and confidence.  The whole concept of “neg hitting” was not invented by PUA Mystery.  In fact, all of these techniques were stolen from women, who use them far more brutally then men ever do.  For example, I was in Pastis drinking some Hoegaarden and eating some bread with butter, and this chick sits down next to me with her friend and starts chatting with the female bartender.  At one point, I turn to her and start a conversation.  She makes like she is really interested in me.  I converse about totally normal topics, while just smiling and maintaining eye contact.  Everything is going well, until at one point she starts trying to get me to qualify myself by demanding that I tell her something awesome about myself.  When I play the modesty card she demands to know the last movie I saw.  I tell her “Immortals.”  She immediately exclaims that I am gay because of it.  I tell her that I don’t follow her logic, and she continues on that I am a faggot.  At this point I have lost all interest and toast her with my glass and thank her for enlightening me.  Without her wisdom, I would have never known I was gay!  At this point she turns away from me and starts hitting on some guy next to me.  I finish my drink and leave.  Later that night I am hanging out with a friend at another bar and she walks in with that other guy and says hello to me.  Pure evil.  I look down, and notice she has thunder thighs propping up an ass as wide as a garbage dumpster. I didn’t see that when she was sitting next to me earlier that night in Pastis… lol

And that is what many women do.  They attempt to cut you down because they don’t feel worthy to be with you.  It’s just plain sad.  I am always smiling and friendly towards people on the street – especially towards women, because it’s just plain common sense to always be approachable.  Yet for every woman who smiles back, two women roll their eyes and give me looks of disgust and contempt.  So much self-hate on the streets of this town!  But you have to protect your mojo, because shitty people are always trying to take away your shine!



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