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December 18th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I went out last night and the city was dead.  NYC is getting weirder and weirder and it isn’t because I am running about the streets shooting massive loads at girls.  Like, let’s face it: NYC is a giant playpen for people.  All these students come to town to study, and then as Xmas approaches they run home for the holidays.  Tourists flood in, but they just block up 23rd to 57th Street.  Times Square, Herald Square and Madison Square.  Meanwhile, all the residential areas are a deadzone.  I first noticed it after Thanksgiving when there were tons of parking spots around.  Parking spots?  In Manhattan?  I think a lot of people left NYC for good at that time.  My local dry cleaner has only 20% of his former business.  I was at a rooftop fashion show in Times Square on Thursday night macking the cuties (I picked up a girl from Italy doing flawless 60 method) and I looked at one of these new luxury, full-floor condos and only ONE unit out of like 40 floors was occupied.  My dry cleaner said tons of apartments are vacant but the landlords refuse to compromise on the rent.

So after Thursday night’s success I was mighty disappointed when I went out on Friday night and there were no women to hit on.  WTF???  Bars and stores on Delancey and St. Marks were even shuttered.  Crazy.   Tonight I am going out again… wish me luck!



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