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So this commenter left this comment yesterday, and let’s see if I can dissect it piece-by-piece before continuing on…

I see women wanting to destroy their man’s sexuality only if they feel like their man is weak. In a way it’s a string of tests to see if their man can stand up to them.

This is the typical view of the PUA community and it is correct.  It is correct when picking up, and in the initial stages of a relationship.  The problem is I am not talking about testing a man’s sexuality, I am talking about destroying it.   Have you ever noticed how no PUAs ever have any long-term relationships, nor anything to say on the subject?

Most men eventually give up the “war” because they are designed/wired to strive for emptiness (in a Buddhist term).

This is an interesting thought, although wishful thinking:  Men are designed/wired to fuck, and to create incredible things.    Our world is proof of this.  What percentage of the planet are Buddhist monks or enlightened beings?

This is their biggest mistake, because women will think: Well, if my man can’t stand up to “weak me”, he can’t stand up to the world. He is a looser and I will use him till a real man comes along.”

Yes, this is correct, but men always need to keep in the back of their minds that PUA materials are ultimately crafted by-and-for a certain type of man… what type of man is this?

Imagine there is a girl who isn’t pretty, carries excess weight, and is a bit dumb.  She realizes she is destined for plentyoffish.com, so she takes a course on applying makeup at the local beauty academy, studies the clothing choices and body language of dancers in hip-hop videos, and watches how girls in porntube clips with incredible view-counts suck a cock.  Then she goes out to bars EVERY NIGHT and throws herself at men.  Do you think she will get a ton of cock?  Of course.  Do you think lots of men will get hooked on her?  Of course.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is a REAL LIFE female PUA – not Erica Awakening or someone like that.  The truth is that the bars of the world have been FULL of female PUAs for years.  And just like male PUAs, most of them are in a sort of hell because they know deep inside that they are 3s and 4s and not 9s and 10s no matter how much drunk dick they manage to pull on any given Friday.

Now imagine a girl who is a bona fide model taking the same path in life.  She also takes a course on make-up application, watches rap and porn videos and hits the bars looking for the biggest extreme ejaculation.  What will happen?

She will experience 2 different extremes in behavior:

1.Men will ignore her because she will inspire stuff in them they won’t want to deal with.

2.Men will create incredible trouble for her because she will inspire stuff in them they won’t know how to deal with.

Most PUAs, just like most people, are an endless parade of conditioned/self-programmed responses built on a foundation of repression.  It’s when the foundation begins to crack and the real energies begin to spill out, that one can have an assemblage point that allows you to glean an entirely different set of clockworks powering the human experiment.



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