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January 18th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

The truth is that most online dating profiles do nothing to increase sperm count in men.  They are an utter disaster.  It’s amazing to me how many beautiful women think they can write such shallow profiles and still get a deep response from men.

When a man goes through online dating profiles, he is looking first and foremost for female beauty.  This sucks for most women who are online, because most aren’t beautiful.  Hell, they aren’t even sexy.  It sucks to be them, and that is a lament for a different blog post.

But since we are only interested in the beautiful ones, let’s focus on their foibles… so a man sees a beautiful girl and of course he wants to get to know her better, if not just flat-out fuck her.  So he looks at her profile to see if there is something to make a connection on.  Maybe this girl loves to workout as much as he does, or maybe she’s into the same philosophical musings as he is.

After all, if you have a beautiful girl to fuck you want to go deep with her, so you’d better have some common ground.

But of course, beautiful women are lazy by nature and think their looks will do everything.  So they either get men soliciting them for sex, or men complimenting them on their beauty which annoys them.  But what else can a man say?  He was given nothing but beauty to work with, and when he takes what he is given he is punished for being shallow or “only interested in sex.”

It’s truly unfair to do such a thing to men – most of whom are on a myriad of enhancers. lol

The truth is many beautiful women are hollow on the inside and kinda’ know it, but can’t admit it to themselves.  So they want to punish men for not being able to see something… that isn’t there to begin with.




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