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December 3rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I promised a “part 2″ to my earlier post, so here it is…

First, let me start off this post with one of the greatest Chris Rock routines of all time. The most important part begins at 5:01 and continues until the end, but listen to the whole thing please?

That’s right: “You ain’t her first choice.” Did you feel the audience reaction? Subtle dynamite!

Chris Rock talks for the entire routine about female agendas, and then ends his lesson with what I posted earlier – which is that women will almost always pick their agendas over their feelings.

Even if it means they end up with someone they don’t really want.

To understand what goes on in a relationship one has to go back and revisit day 1 of said relationship in order to learn the truth – which of course nobody wants to do. lol Because you can predict the course of the entire relationship with 100% accuracy from the first interaction/date and then from the first time you two have sex. I learned this many years ago from a cult leader and it has served me very well. If you want to really stir up trouble, tell this to a woman – especially one you have been on a few “dates” with or slept with and watch her reaction!

Naturally, most people don’t want to know the truth which is why this sort of advice is rather unpopular to say the least.

But a question will come up in the minds of the most intelligent…

…why is it that women have agendas to being with?

Let’s step outside of the polarity of gender for the rest of this post and talk about human beings in general. Human culture in this age is a trauma-based culture where the majority of the people on this planet are walking around with very deep wounds from birth and childhood. These wounds are so traumatic, that to find oneself in love is an incredibly dangerous position to find oneself in.

Because when you are in love, love is a “refiners fire” which brings out all the trauma for resolution at a very rapid rate. The problem here is that most of the population:

1.Doesn’t understand what is happening to them.
2.Lacks the tools/resources to navigate this inner space.
3.Is fundamentally weak and not capable of handling the dynamic even if #1 and #2 are not an issue.

One solution to this problem is of course to pursue a genuine path of cultivation to resolve these woundings at a slower pace, so that falling in love will be less traumatic or in an ideal scenario 100% trauma-free.  But the irony is that most people are too lazy and weak and stupid to implement it.

The outcome of this reality, is that people take the easy way out: they fool themselves by attending yoga classes, sitting cross-legged, and doing everything that looks like they are on the path, but in reality they are just playing games.  All you have to do is look at their very lives to see what is going on.  Are they immolating themselves in the fires of love?  Are they facing rejection in the bars and on the streets?  Are they taking genuine emotional risks?

Neurosis can be defined as the individual suffering because he refuses to feel genuine suffering.

This is why both genders have agendas.

It’s why both genders are terrified of love.

So remember, if you refine yourself too much, and shine too brightly, you may find yourself in a situation where the opposite sex is extremely attracted to you, but will want nothing to do with you because you are a threat to their psychological stability.  You will unwittingly find yourself the harbinger of inner destruction and rebirth… in a land of cowards.

Shine on!


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