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The other day I got sick of all the Facebook updates I get from chicks in my newsfeed posting all this inspirational crap which is really them attempting to assuage their own inner anxiety about the fact the clock stopped ticking for them a few years ago.











Fantastical thinking is something that women typically engage in, because women throughout the last part of the prior century are fundamentally children in adult bodies.  But as time has gone on, men have also failed to grow up thanks to MTV followed by reality TV.  Now one finds men as stunted as women (and feminized to their level as well), making vision boards, believing that the universe somehow gives a shit what they are thinking and feeling and will reward them accordingly.

Perusing updates on Facebook, it often appears that every woman I know is living in some tropical country on perpetual vacation, or a regular feature in the society pages… they fancy themselves everything from organic farmers to tango dancers…

But what all these women fail to mention is that someone is always footing the bill and it isn’t them.  Either they have wealthy parents, or they are whoring themselves on one or more of the following levels:

1.Straight-up escorting.
2.Wealthy boyfriends or a tool who pays for shit.
3.They married and divorced some sucker and live off alimony and child support.

However, I know girls who are flat-broke, carry a shit-ton of credit card debt, haven’t worked in years – yet do nothing but travel the world and live what appears to be the high-life.  They often claim to be the “CEO” of some consultancy firm they created that has no clients except maybe the shell companies of their other broke-ass friends.

Yet what they have is something men don’t really have, and that is a support-network of other vision-boardies with pussies.  They take turns putting each other up for months on end as they travel the world doing their whole “multi-level whoring” thang I talked about above.

What’s funny is they will attribute their whole lifestyle to proof that their vision-boards came true and that they “manifested” this lifestyle for themselves.  Like they have finally figured out the way the universe works or some shit.  It’s extremely annoying.

It’s even worse when men buy into this idiocy – often when they end up involved with one of these dumb clucks.  But as I said earlier, men are stuck in perpetual childhood these days just like women are, thanks to our “educational system:”


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