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September 18th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I always thought that I was wired incorrectly…  Like, most people get horny in the spring, fuck all summer, settle down in the fall, and hibernate in the winter.  But not me.  I get horny in the fall.  Like right now.  Super horny.  Not only do I want to fuck like crazy, but I want a girlfriend.  But one I wouldn’t care if I…

…knocked up.

Now, I’m not the type of guy who fantasizes about getting girls pregnant.  I have no interest in having kids.  I am just using the shocking statement above to demonstrate the quality of the woman I would want as a girlfriend. Even if you don’t want to have kids, I think the standard by which you actually decide to elevate a woman from the “rotation” category into the “girlfriend” category is if you would not mind getting her pregnant – in theory, of course…

So I was having dinner with a friend who is a doctor, and he suggested that biologically speaking, my wiring makes perfect sense because impregnating a woman in the fall allows her to birth a child in the spring which gives it the greatest chance of survival.  Like me!  I was born in the spring, which means my mom and dad probably had the same “wiring.”

I think I have a lot of Neanderthal DNA because I like night better than day, get horny in the fall and winter, prefer the taste of meat raw, etc.  And despite my railings against clueless women, I prefer a matriarchal society.

Anyway, in the last month I have had dealings with 3 separate women (2 of which I have had sex with once before) who call me up for sex and then back out because despite the needs of their pussies, their brains are filled with all kinds of needs ranging from the need to “feel special,” all the way to the need to “be married” – and they hope to exchange their pussies for the fulfillment of these needs.

Little do they know that the fulfillment (pun intended) of their pussy by the right man will wipe out all that mental garbage and set them free.

See, the modern human being is in a real trap and there is no need for any mysterious spiritual clap-trap to define the nature of said trap.  The problem is that human beings have this biological intelligence, but then they also have this thing called a conditioned mind, into which is stuffed all these social “programs” – many of which are in conflict with one another… and these programs are cemented into place via trauma to the biological intelligence.

So the choice every human makes, every moment of every day, whether they are conscious of it or not… is either to walk in the direction that frees up the biological intelligence and deletes the conditioned mind, or to walk in the direction that cements their conditioned mind forever.


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