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August 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Walking on the street yesterday, I ran across this headline and cover page of the New York Post.

All I can say is that Edward Sonderling is a role model.  This dude is like 53 years old yet looks like he is in his late 20s.  He has (had) a live-in slave who was in her late 20s.  Rock on brother!  I can only hope that when I am 53 I am playing the game at that level.

One of the other articles on this scenario has all this spew from his jilted whipping-post saying that he is obsessed with retaining his youthful looks and that he wants to be like the Mick Jagger of S&M or something… well, he does look a bit like Mick Jagger (assuming he keeps his hair long because the short hair is not good for him) and who the hell doesn’t want to retain their youthful looks?  Since he is successful at both the things she is mocking him for, she should probably STFU.

What’s funny is she continues to go on about how their age difference lead to all of this… what nonsense!  It’s just another attempt to hurt him on what she considers his weak-point.  But the fact is that it isn’t a weak-point.  If he was young he wouldn’t have the financial success or life experience to be who he is in the S&M lifestyle.

All these women who talk about age-differences are idiots.  If a guy has the body of a 28-year old, all his hair, and youthful hormone levels how is his being older a problem?  Answer: it’s only a problem if the girl is a fucking idiot who can’t hold an intelligent conversation due to her age. Or else, she’s looking for a man she can control and put to work due to a weakness in her character.

Anyway, King Eddo is the fuckin’ man!


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