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Lord have mercy… have you seen Eben Pagan’s wedding?  http://vimeo.com/29574141

You will have to cut-and-paste this link into your browser.  I wanted to embed it, but Vimeo gives me some message that I need to ask this tool permission to embed his video and he can go and fuck himself.  if you don’t want people spreading your videos around the web then don’t upload them to a public site, yes?

Anyway, these two look like brother and sister – two big nosed, wooden-personality pinocchios whose noses are so big due to…

I don’t like to beat down on those in the PUA industry because most PUAs are cool people.  I know Vin DiCarlo and Brad P., for example.  They really were guys who couldn’t get laid and decided to do something about it.  Once they were successful, they decided to help other men in the process.  They actually have skills and deliver a solid product.  Mystery’s original system, is really fucking solid as well.  That basic shit he talked about years ago works consistently.  The haters out there like the folks over at www.puahate.com,  are a bunch of losers who never do any approaches.  Seriously, EVERY single successful PUA will admit that he has done thousands of approaches and bombed more then half of them.   It isn’t their fault if you are too chicken-shit to approach women.  How many women have you approached this year?  If you answered “500″ then you probably slept with at least 100 and feel pretty good about yourself.  All your friends probably think you are the fucking man, too.  Honestly, even if you suck and never learned much beyond the basics of game, if you approach 500 women you will still be victorious.  It’s a numbers game once you have a basic skillset and a big male load.

So I don’t want to beat on PUAs, but Eben Pagan needs to be smacked across his fucking face with a sock stuffed with a bottle of semen pills.  The world knows him as David DeAngelo.  I know nothing about his dating courses, although I have seen a clip from one of his IM seminars or something and it was okay.  He obviously knows a thing or two about making money and I’ll give him credit for that.

But when it comes to seduction, this guy is fucking clueless.  Take a look at the end of this video where the two of them kiss: http://vimeo.com/29057661  Does this look like a man who is in  touch with his sexuality?  He kisses her like some kid in kindergarten.  To come back to his wedding, what I can’t stand is his complete phoniness.  If you want to become present, take a course like Shamanic Dearmoring or do 3 weeks of intensive primal therapy.  Join a powerlifting club, take BJJ or become a blacksmith’s apprentice.   But puffing up your scrawny chest, talking slow and spouting nonsense until you come across as the Frankenstein of self-improvement is shameful.  But this guy then finds a wife as delusional as he is and they reinforce each other’s bullshit.

PUA is about fucking as many hot women as you can on the basis of your energy and personality alone.  It isn’t about meeting your “soul mate” at Burning Man and spending the next few years consuming BS and regurgitating it into each other’s beaks in public.



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