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January 4th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

You know what is weird?  When you hear those stories of guys who won’t kiss a girl after they have cum in the girl’s mouth.  Like they make her go and brush her teeth or some shit before they kiss them because they think it makes them gay or something if they taste their semen.  It’s certainly not the way to keep a girl opening up her mouth for your loads.

Then again, there are girls out there who won’t kiss you after you go down on them.  It’s always a good idea to stick your fingers in her mouth after they’ve been in her pussy to make sure she doesn’t have any issues about tasting herself.

But the first step in breaking such bad habits in her is to break them in yourself.  I never had this issue, so I don’t know how one would go about breaking it, but I imagine you should just fucking get over it.  It’s rather hypocritical of you to expect ass-to-mouth when you can’t stand the taste of your own cum.

Anyway, it’s freezing bitter cold in New York City tonight and that makes me happy.  It also makes me a bit sleepy, and I feel the need to go to bed early.  I hibernate.  Like a bear!



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