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October 27th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I went to Uniqlo at their brand new store on 34th street and spent $300 on a winter wardrobe yesterday.  Now I can look cool for the ladies when I strut about the streets of NYC.    It’s important to always look at the mannequins to see what sorts of outfits you should buy and not mix-and-match.  Unless you are gay, you’ll have no idea what you are doing.  If you can’t afford to buy the entire outfit, you can buy most of it.  The key is to remember how the colors are matched up so you don’t mix inappropriate colors or have too many different color elements.

You always want to dress so that you stand out.  Think rock star.  Male potency in action… This way you will attract attention and spark instant attraction. From there you can make your moves.

It was cool clothes shopping because my waist is back down to a size 32 from a size 38.  That’s rather dramatic.

Anyway, I just bought when of those fairy mini wands that you plug into the wall that I had blogged about yesterday on ebay for $25 including shipping.  I have the USB mini mini fairy or whatever it is called but I need to pick up the AC adaptor because things that recharge always run out. :(

Tomorrow I will head on over to a sex shop downtown and buy one of these too:

Nothing improves my erectile function like having that horse tail sticking out while doing it doggy.  What’s cool is that it also easily gets a girl into doing anal because as you fuck her from behind, your pelvis hits the back of the plug which gets her asshole more-and-more relaxed.  At a certain point you pull out the plug and replace it with your cock.   So easy!

I will re-watch one of my favorite episodes of Farscape now.  Part 2 of the 3-part “Liars, Guns and Money” from the end of season 2.  Such a great finale to a season!  In case you’ve never watched it, Farscape is the greatest bit of science fiction ever made.  It’s got all the elements, including a beautiful love story between the lead male and female actors.  Very sweet to watch.  See, I’m not all sex and all that.  I believe in love you know, I just don’t believe it occurs very often on this planet.  All you can do is prepare for it by doing shamanic dearmoring and getting your sexual energy right.  Then you create a space for something to happen.  Maybe.  If you are lucky. :(

I guess it’s no big deal.  Most people never find love, or if they do, they aren’t able to stabilize the experience at all and they crash the whole thing into the ground.  Unless both partners can handle the energy, just forget about it.  You are better off just focusing on sex as you develop the right relationship with your own energy.

But all we can do is hope.  I don’t think the young generation even cares about love anymore like mine did.  Something about technology and the internet and all that deleted those dreams or something.




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