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Some say that jealousy is great for sex and will give a guy huge ejaculations as his sperm competes with that of his rivals, real or imagined.  I am not so sure if this is true or not, but jealousy is a huge problem between two lovers.  What is behind it?

It is really hard to say there is one thing behind it because jealousy is not all based on insecurity.  For example, when two people are really connected via their hearts, they can feel when the other is cheating – they can even feel what the other person is experiencing.  So, if you are laying in bed and can feel the woman you love getting fucked by another man, it can be pretty disturbing no matter how cool you are normally.

Then there is the more common jealousy based on insecurity.  In this scenario, one person uses the other person to define themselves and validate their existence.  Then, when one party in the relationship flirts with or fucks with someone else, the other party’s world begins to collapse and they are confronted with the fact that they are ultimately all alone.

Of course, there are most often much deeper, nastier wound lie beneath.  Let me give you the best example…

Why are men always upset if a woman had a big sexual history before them?  On the surface it may appear that the men are jealous of the men who came before, or that the man wants to be #1 and realizes that it is hard to be the #1 cock when so many have come before you unless you are truly special.  But in reality what is so upsetting is that the man is flat-out jealous of her sexual experiences simply because she had more then him.  Most men are starved for sexual experience when compared to women.  Women can get sex anytime and anywhere and can experience any fantasy she wants at will assuming she is above average in attractiveness.  This is something to be jealous about!

This is a  universal societal wound that men suffer.  The others are relative to each man’s upbringing and relationship with his parents.

So what to do?

The first thing you must do is NEVER reveal your jealousy because women don’t respect men who get jealous and actually take delight in torturing them.  They WILL test for it, so when you are out on a 1st date and the woman drops hints about swing clubs and penile dimensions, just pretend you didn’t even hear it.  It’s just a test.  Of course, if she keeps this up over time she needs to be crushed, as she is trying to work out her own jealousy issues by giving them to you.




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