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February 19th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I watched 2.5 Men today on TV for the 1st time.  An episode with Charlie Sheen in it.  I can’t imagine Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie, and from what I see in the tabloids, I may need to perform an intervention on Demi’s behalf – with my cock!  Seriously, I’d love to shag Demi Moore.  I’d make her feel like a young women again no problems.

Anyway, I kept noticing that whenever they changed scenes, the word “Men” would be sung.  Almost the same way that a woman would say it as she rolls her eyes: “Men!”

So what you have is endless scenes of men acting like douchebags, combined with the sing-song reinforcement that they suck.  No wonder women hate men so much these days…

I was talking with my friend Brian today on the street in front of the gym, and I commented to him how so many girls I meet/screw complain about my body hair and comment on how they want me shaved.  What am I, their prison bitch or something?  Brian responded that he encounters the same thing, and how he notices that less-and-less women want you to cum in their mouth, plus when you look around… it seems women are actively interested in men who are effeminate and easy to dominate.

What an incredible cultural phenomenon.



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