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March 21st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Who cares if they like your huge ejaculation or not!  Just do what you like, as Shock G used to say…  But I was reading this article in the New York Times the other day called What Do Women Want.  To save you reading 8 pages worth of blah-blah, it’s basically some social “scientist” hooked up a bunch of bitches to some electronics and shit, and showed them a variety of stimuli in order to gauge what they found most arousing.

The answer is that women are obsessed with cocks and fantasize mostly about getting raped.  Ouch!  What a blow to society!  So all those guys who send cock-pics to girls – keep it up!  I’ve personally never had a bad reaction from sending a cock pic, and I have a friend with a monstrously huge one who goes up to women and shows them a picture of it on his cell phone in order to pick them up.  He gets so much pussy in this manner it is retarded.  I should also point out he is a tall and handsome competitive bodybuilder.

Some moron may ask: “Where does he get the confidence”  The answer being relatively obvious… don’t you think?

What’s funny is women are always swearing up-and-down how disgusting and offensive cock pics are and how they don’t want them and wish guys would stop flooding them with such things.

God forbid!

So take your male enhancement pills and drown her in goo.  Chances are no matter what she says, she likes it!

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the New York Times’ allegation that a woman’s #1 fantasy is rape.




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