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October 16th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

My friend Alexyss K. Tylor posted this video on Facebook the other day:

She puts forth the contention that we are suffering under the attempt by of certain forces to feminize men and lower their semen volume.  At the same time, these same forces are masculinizing females. All this is happening under the umbrella of the transhumanistic movement.

What does that mean exactly?  Well, there are plenty of videos about the subject on youtube, but the basic idea is that long ago there was this esoteric notion bandied about of the “sacred hermaphrodite.”  With respect to mainstream religions, however, only Taoism talks about transmuting an adept into something that is neither male nor female – this idea of an energetic neutrality ultimately authoring a biological neutrality manifested on the gender level.

Indeed, alchemically-speaking, both men and women have the energetic seed of the opposite gender within.  It is the ideal of these secret religions to end human suffering by making all humans “complete”  within themselves with no need to seek “the other” in the opposite sex.

It’s a fine goal – or is it?  So much of our lives are governed by romance and sex, what would it be like to be free from them both?  They would have to be replaced by something – but by what?  Pure angelic love?  Perhaps.

The problem is that these secret society types are usually homosexuals and pedophiles.  Not that I am hating on either:  probably half the planet are  homosexuals or have homosexual tendencies – are they bad people?  As far as pedophilia goes, you’d have to be crazy to want to fuck a child, but in Japan the age of consent is 13!  Is Japan a pedophile culture?

Anyway, my point is that most of these occultists tend to be a little screwy in the sex department so they misinterpret the spiritual teachings of the ancients and use them as an excuse to re-create the planet in their own degenerate image.  The hijacked the sexual liberation movement started by Wilhelm Reich and turned it into a culture of pornography.  Now they have their eye on promoting the “sexual rights of children” so they can one day put Japan’s age of consent laws to shame. They’d love the whole world to be one big bunch of trannies no doubt.

The other side of transhumanism is the idea that people should become more like machines and machines should become more like people.  So they want gender-neutral cyborgs basically.   So much for  male sexual potency, eh?



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