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November 23rd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

This makes me so fucking sad. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were so awesome together. Fuck! Demi is SO DAMN HOT. I mean seriously, I like older women to begin with, but Demi is just simply ridiculous.  You could never get tired of fucking the shit out of that one.  Unless she doesn’t swallow or take it up the ass but something tells me she’s a freak.

Okay, I think the two of them were in love although Demi loved Ashton more (no pun intended).  There is always one person in the relationship who loves more and that person is at a disadvantage unless they can make their love so big it won’t matter.

What I mean by this Demi should have just focused on giving Ashton huge ejaculation no matter what it took, even if it meant that she would need to turn a blind eye to him cheating.  It really doesn’t matter but her ego was a little big.

It’ such a shame because they really had something there.  She is adorable!  Can you imagine dropping loads in her every night?  Beautiful AND loveable.  Very rare…

I wonder sometimes if people realize that just because someone cheats doesn’t mean that the “victim” of the cheating is deficient, they just want to explore things.

These two should have done whatever it takes to have stayed together.



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