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December 1st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I am sure you have heard of methods to boost sperm count like bathing in cold water such as in a Japanese bath house.  It may make your sexual organs shrink, but cold is a good way to increase semen volume.

Another way is massage.  Thailand is famous for their “ball masseuse” industry, but one simple way to do it at home it to use one of those “fairy wand” vibrators on your balls.  The vibrations are good not only for boosting the fluids, but as protection against testicle cancer and improving the overall circulation down there.

You can start by doing a few minutes a day to see how it improves the feeling and overall production down there.  A few minutes is really all you need.  The only place I would say never to use vibration on is the top part of the penile shaft – especially towards the base.



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