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I think Christian Bale is a great actor, but based on past allegations, he is probably a little crazy.  But who cares about him anyway?  I care about Batman, and Batman is worried about the fact all these idiots keep talking about taking away our guns.  Like even the President of Mexico had something stupid to say about it.  Mexico thinks if we didn’t make guns so accessible, they wouldn’t find their way across the border into the hands of drug cartels.  Here’s a novel idea:  why don’t you just do something about the drug cartels you lazy piece of shit?  Stop blaming us if you can’t handle your own crime problems.  Fucking hell… probably the President of Mexico is also secretly hoping we lose our gun rights so they can have an easier time taking back Texas, Arizona and California.  I can’t believe US media outlets even publish such a stupid story.

Then we have these Brits all over Facebook making comments about how the US should repeal our right to keep and bear arms, and how in England they are so civilized.  Sure… that’s why they glass, stomp and stab each other to death in pubs on a daily basis – for fucking sport!  I’d sooner lose a shoot-out to some gang-banger.  But every time I meet some Brit in the US he/she goes on about how we should not have guns.  Well, maybe we are so crazy about guns because of England?  Were it not for guns, we would have been an earlier version of Northern Ireland!

Then dumb liberals (usually women) post crap about how armed citizens can’t be trusted to protect themselves or women and children from criminals, and this should be left up to the police.  Sure… police who take their gun on the range 1x per year and never show up on time to a violent crime because they want to be able to collect their pensions in one piece.  Women like this are basically saying they don’t trust men, since a gun is akin to a phallus which is akin to masculine energy.  They are also saying they don’t want to take any responsibility in their lives, and therefore you should not be allowed to take responsibility for your own life – lest they feel bad about themselves.

Here is a video of a grandpa showing two punks how shit gets done in the land of the gun:

Let me tell you what’s at the bottom of the whole “gun debate” so you will never be distracted or tricked by anyone…

Mao Tse Tung once said, “Real power comes from the barrel of a gun.”  I cannot tell you how true this is, because real power comes from violence, and the gun is the most effective means of delivering your violence.

(Of course, if you doubt that real power comes from violence, there is no hope for you.)

So when people want to take away your guns, what they really want to take away is your power.  Your REAL power.  Never forget this.

You REAL power is priceless.  It should never be given up.

If guns are flowing into Mexico then build a fucking wall.  If some idiot shoots up a movie theater then take mental health in this country more seriously…

But NEVER, NEVER allow them to take away your guns because they are taking away your REAL power.

Now that you know this, all those psy-ops around you begin to make a lot of sense, don’t they?  Like, when women say, “You think guns make you a man?” or “You feel powerful with a gun?”

Next time you hear shit like this FROM ANYONE, look them in the eye and say: “DAMN STRAIGHT.”


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