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January 30th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

The German metal-band “Accept” has just released a new album that proves that German men have a massive sperm count at any age. Seriously, as if bukkake films weren’t enough to validate that, we have this new single…

If this track doesn’t motivate your sack to increase ejaculation output, then I don’t know what will. I love this track so much, I actually bought the album online from the label. I love the fact that the lead guitarist seems to be using the same banged-up guitar for the last 30 years, because it obviously gives him that magical sound. Tone comes primarily from a guitar player’s touch, but the next factor is the guitar itself. Amps and effects really aren’t that critical compared to these two.

As a drummer, I can say that the sound comes from how the drummer hits, but the next thing is the shell materials and the dimensions of the drums. Of course the heads are very important and how they are tuned, but less important the other stuff. Drummers like Tommy Lee have long arms and play drums with massive shells. I am talking like a 26-inch kick drum. A very deep snare drum… No wonder he produces such an amazing sound!


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