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I am going to take a break for a day or two from giving examples of female cruelty and tell you about online dating stuff.  Online dating is a joke and I gave up on it years ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I was “successful” at it – if by “success” you mean I met up with and fucked a lot of totally crazy women.  I came to the conclusion that every woman who does online dating is either ugly, or totally insane if they are attractive.  In recent years, the scene has gotten even worse with sites like Plenty of Fish filled with the ugliest women on the planet, and Ok Cupid! filled with women who aren’t sure if they are trawling for a self-esteem boost or a sucker who will marry them.  I just want to show as many beauties as possible what a man who takes huge cum pills shoots like.

Here is a random 5 girls I pulled from OK Cupid’s search function:





Anyway, one of my friends had challenged me to conduct an experiment where I write a normal profile and then put a note NOT to contact me at the end.  Some PUA said it gets lots of responses.  So I obliged him and it worked – I got a lot of responses.  But most of these women were ugly, or else fishing for a “relationship” which is code for “a sucker to marry them.”  So I decided to conduct my own experiment and changed my profile to reflect what men are really thinking, so what follows is the core of the profile.   The rest of the profile is “normal” and my stats would be considered attractive such as my height and income, etc.  Only the “My self-summary” is off-the-wall:

There are only 3 things that matter in a woman:

1.Her Beauty – While you can’t change what fortune gave you, beauty is negotiable because women get old crazy fast (unless they’re asian or black), and being sexy can massively compensate for any shortcomings in your mathematics. Plus, guys all have their quirks: for example, I’m into butts and legs because tits are for kids.

2.How Good She Is In Bed – You’d better be a freak ’cause I’m the freakiest! Won’t let a man shoot in your mouth? Hit the bricks! If there is anything you won’t do with a guy – you ain’t into that guy, period! However, you’ve got to enjoy doing it. Nothing is worse then some girl who does stuff out of some kooky “obligation.” I don’t go down on a woman to please her – I do it to please myself, in the same way that sexually healthy women go down on a guy because they feel pleasure down below when they go down! If you can’t have an orgasm, don’t write to me unless you want me to give you one, but in NYC with so many women cracked out on medication in order to repress their feminine side many of you are beyond reach already. Which brings me to the final thing…

3.Her Heart – A woman needs to be in touch with her feminine side and have a beautiful heart. A lot of beautiful, sexual women are predatory bitches. It’s little things, like after sex if a woman asks if she is putting too much weight on my arm while cuddling to avoid cutting off my blood circulation, and it’s big things like we’re traveling in Indonesia and someone you barely know falls ill and you opt to watch over her instead of partying with me. A woman’s heart is really the most important, because it keeps her beautiful when time has ravaged her and makes her good in bed because she knows how to surrender.

That’s it! No guy worth dating gives a damn how much money a woman makes, what she does for a living, what school she went to, and certainly not her sense of humor.

So focus your efforts where it counts ladies, and you can get the man of your dreams!

Tomorrow I will talk about the sorts of responses I am getting. LOL!



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