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January 23rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Many things in this society today do little to increase libido – as a matter of fact, they tend to do the opposite.  One thing I have noticed, is that the public awareness of PUA has really fucked up the game.  You can still run game and be undetected, especially if you use a method like the “60 Method.”  However, PUA assholes have all-but destroyed the ability to approach women on the street with ease.

What I mean is that opening is getting harder-and-harder as the bitch shields are like sky-high.  I blame this on all these loser, creepy PUAs who decided that they needed to hang around in Union Square and in Whole Foods, hitting on hundreds of women a day.  I mean seriously, what the fuck were these assholes thinking?  Imagine a bunch of rejects dressed in their community uniforms (thumb rings, etc.) harassing every fucking woman who walks by?

What did they think would be the result of this?  Women are now extra-guarded against men approaching them.   You can’t blame them, as these “approaches” were the most un-genuine bullshit ever.  It just makes men look so fucking bad.

What’s worse is that they didn’t do it all about the town, but in 1 or 2 CONCENTRATED, high-traffic spots so they basically advertised what the fuck was going down.  Sigh…

PUA/seduction skills were meant to be used inside of a situation where there was some connection or attraction, and not to randomly assault every woman on the street with some bunch of bullshit.



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