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October 2nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Yes my fellow New Yorkers… it’s no longer disgustingly muggy out so you can dress up nice (finally) which is so important in this city and strut about the town and chat up the chickies!  I was out on Saturday night and hit like 3 bars and 3 clubs between 9pm and 4am and the amount of women out was insane.  Naturally, I got shot down left-and-right.  But I still had a great time.

My wingman, however, was quite disappointed in me considering this was the 2nd time we went out, and the 1st time my game was insanely successful so he had very high expectations. Then again, my wingman got shot down left-and-right as well and he’s as alpha and as successful with women as they come.

What was up with that?

The truth is that my game wasn’t any more insane than it normally is, it’s just that the crowd the 1st time we went out was different and very rare for NYC.  I won’t give up the spot, but it’s one of those rare spots where all the women in the place are consciously there to hook up.   Yes, places like this do exist but real players don’t go about telling every bridge-and-tunnel AFC their whereabouts because then these watering holes would dry up in one weekend.

Why would they dry up?

Because women who are really into sex have no patience with men who are aren’t.  I know that sounds crazy to most people who will read this.  “Every man is into sex!” they will exclaim.  But this is patently false.  What is true is that “every man masturbates” and such but this is really not what anyone should call “sex.”

Because so many men are losers in this regard, an incredible number of women really aren’t into sex either.  They may have had it with a string of guys who were suckers, or had some nice-guy boyfriend or something, and none of these men were capable of opening them up to their orgasmic natures.  Since they’ve never really experienced themselves orgasmically, they consider men to be pigs who just want to “go to the bathroom” inside of them – whom they can toy with and take advantage of.

This is something the PUA community ignores.  They keep preaching this idea that “women love sex” which gets taken in the wrong context – so men start to think that every woman has a 3-alarm fire in her loins and is just concealing the smoke while she waits for an “alpha male” with a cocky-funny attitude to say a few lines so she can drag him into the bathroom for a quick BJ.

What really happens, is women gaggle about in their own little bubbles with their same-sex friends, acting like they are in a rap video or auditioning as a reality television star.  A bunch of clones who all look the same and suffer from group-think.  But underneath it all, you’ll see pain, fear and confusion.  They know NYC is sucking their life force and femininity out of them, and they are inept at grounding the deep feelings that are a prerequisite for a successful relationship – so in a matter of a few years they will be on the midnight train to cat-land.  Of course they hope some guy will breach their defenses, heal the pain of their past relationships and whisk them away “50 Shades Style” but what are the odds that will happen?  Remember ladies, Anastasia Steele was both extremely feminine, and also a virgin! lol

Anyway, this is the type of woman that one encounters when one opens a lot of women in bars and clubs, and is probably the reason nobody opens anybody anymore for the most part.  For most men it is too scary to open a woman and realize she’s Kali in a bad mood.


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