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November 14th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I found this video on my facebook and it is pretty interesting:

Now, I don’t exactly want to ejaculate all over the face of this chick. You can tell she used to be fat, and she may have shed the weight but still hasn’t shed the fat-girl schtick. The fact that she used to be fat helps me to forgive her attention-whoring, though. To be truthful, she’s so incompetent at attention-whoring  I can’t be annoyed at her like I can with some other women. I was always amazed at how many of these girls work on some cute face or some other gimmick and then get views from millions of losers who also buy them gifts and shit. “LonelyGirl” is probably the most famous albeit not the most annoying to me personally.  Some of these women I would love to beat the living shit out of, but then I think the men who follow them and subscribe to their channel deserve to beat instead.  Then again, these men have already lost the game of life so all I can really do is cry for how pathetic their lives are.   They really need to buy a bottle of cum pills and get a fucking life.

Anyway, this particular girl has a good point: why don’t they make porn with people who really like to fuck each other?  The answer is because most women in porn don’t really like sex, and women who like sex have no interest in doing porn!  There are naturally exceptions, but even the ones that do like sex are into sex without any real heart-felt passion.



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