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December 16th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Wow!  Now that my braces are off I am getting a lot of attention from women and it is crazy.  I can feel it help to  increase sperm.  I am super-horny!  More so then usual. LOL!  But, I find I have “former fat girl syndrome.”

When I was in High School, there was this girl who was really beautiful but she was fat.  She had a lot of friends and was “popular” I should say, but she was fat and I suppose people made fun of her.  Then, over the summer between Junior and Senior year, she lost ALL the weight.  She came into her Senior year thin, and of course she was gorgeous.

What was weird, was that nobody talked to her!  She suddenly had no friends, and all she did was sit very quietly and look down at her desk.  It’s like when that black girl on The View (her name slips my mind) lost all that weight and the next thing you knew she was kicked off that show!  I think it upsets the pecking order amongst other women and they just can’t deal with it or something.

Anyway, what I mean by “former fat girl syndrome” is that I am so used to being dissed by women because of my braces, that it is weird to get all that attention suddenly.  Oh well, they will all get the semen volumizer in their hair now!



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