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As you can see in the link below, they busted a “temple” in Arizona that was selling “tantric” sex.


What can one say really? Having been involved in the tantric community for some years now, I am very partial to support my friends.

However, I do have two interlocked opinions on this bust that they may not want to hear:

1. Imagine I said to someone, “I don’t operate a crackhouse, I operate a temple and crack is our sacrament. Furthermore, as I am a church I am not going to pay my taxes.” The person listening to this would be like, “Good luck!” The State of Arizona has always been tolerant of prostitution, but thanks to Sheriff Joe Arpio, it’s no place to run afoul of the law. Perhaps those temple “goddesses” should have put down the new age bong for a good 10 minutes and just decided to pay off the locals like all good brothels do.

But I like prostitutes because at least with them you know what you are getting. Unlike with whores, who take you for everything you’ve got. This comment provides a nice segue way into my second opinion which will make me even more unpopular…

2. The whole problem with our culture going back to the beginning has been the selling of sex. It is one of the big wounds in our social fabric. Tantric healers love to talk about some time in the past when temples had women to provide sexual healing and all this utter bullshit. The reality is that thousands of years ago temples were hotbeds of prostitution because the priest-class has always been a bunch of perverted con-artists who rather sodomized young boys and each other then work for a fucking living. If the world is ever going to heal on a sexual level it is going to have to STOP selling sex. But what do these tantric temple peeps do? They sell sex. Is this really a representation of the goddess energy? That of a prostitute?

The big thing is this: tantric prostitutes may give you better erections, but they cannot “heal” you. Only you can heal yourself of your sexual wounds. This isn’t to say that prostitutes cannot play a part in your healing. I am sure that for many men a trip to Thailand and having sex with 30 young women any which way they choose will satisfy some part of themselves that is starved and that can be considered healing.

The flip side to the healing of these men, however, is the reality that these young Thai girls are turned into prostitutes by their families. Once a young Thai girl has been repeatedly fucked by her father and brothers, there is no problem sucking thousands of dirty tourist dicks. She’s already been destroyed deep down.

Guess what is the cement that seals this trauma-based mind-control? Religion! Buddhism is then twisted up to justify the whole thing saying they had bad fortune to be born girls and if they practice filial piety via selling themselves, in the next life they can be born boys!

So all these tantric practitioners need to ask themselves “Am I really providing healing or am I just selling sex dressed up as healing?” If you are truly providing healing then charge money if you want to. If you are just being a ho, however, then pay your taxes and pay off the local police like every other hooker does!



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